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Desperate singles

Use this data to create: Stories - Articles - TV/Radio shows

This data will allow you to create media content for your outlet(s). For example, you can make the following segments:

  • How many singles consider themselves desperate for a date (international)
  • Which countries have the most desperate singles (international)
  • What is the maximum time singles have gone without sex (international)
  • How long have people been single (international)
  • Which USA cities have people been single longest
  • Which USA cities have people not had sex for the longest
  • Which UK cities have people been single longest
  • Which UK cities have people not had sex for the longest
The data will allow content for audiences in any country and detailed stats for major UK and USA cities. Cities from other countries are not shared as there would be insufficient data at such a detailed level. If you use this data it would be very much appreciated if you could link to our site for online content and mention the source for radio/TV. We do understand that this is not always possible. The data here and content within our press kit can be used without prior permission.

If you are not a journalist you are more than welcome to continue reading the data and results for your own personal interest.


We surveyed our entire dating network over a vast array of niche and mainstream dating sites to complie a detailed survey on desperation and dating. Our findings are split by countries so we can compare country vs. country and region vs. region. . The total survey size was 14,449 people.

How long have you been single?

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Most desperate countries

We asked singles if they consider themselves desperate for a date/partner. Here are the results by country.

United States28.6%71.4%
United Kingdom27.0%73.0%

Results of singles describing themselves as desperate.

French singles are the most desperate, closely followed by the Canadians. What is surprising is that globally, almost 1/3 of singles would consider themselves desperate for a date or partner.

International results

CountrySingle for (years)Years without sex
United States3 years 8 months3 years 7 months
United Kingdom3 years 3 months3 years 3 months
Australia4 years 6 months4 years
Canada4 years2 years 11 months
Germany2 years 1 month2 years 2 months
France2 years 3 months2 years 7 months
Spain2 years 7 months3 years 1 month
South Africa2 years 10 months2 years 6 months
Netherlands3 years 6 months2 years
Italy4 years 3 months3 years 8 months
Ireland4 years 10 months2 years 10 months
Brazil2 years 5 months2 years 3 months
Global3 years 5 months3 years 3 months

UK results

CitySingle for (years)Years without sex
London3 years 1 month3 years
Birmingham4 years 10 months4 years
Leeds5 years 1 month2 years 8 months
Glasgow4 years 3 months4 years 2 months
Sheffield7 years5 years 1 month
Bradford5 years 3 months6 years
Edinburgh5 years 10 months5 years
Liverpool1 year 4 months2 years
Manchester3 years3 years 2 months
Bristol3 years 6 months3 years 2 months
Wakefield6 years5 years 6 months
Cardiff5 years 4 months2 years 5 months
Coventry4 years 5 months5 years
Nottingham5 years 2 months4 years 3 months
Leicester4 years 9 months4 years 7 months

USA results

CitySingle for (years)Years without sex
New York3 years 7 months2 years 1 month
Detroit3 years 3 months3 years 3 months
Los Angeles3 years 10 months3 years 8 months
Charlotte3 years 5 months2 years 2 months
Chicago3 years 8 months3 years 8 months
Tampa4 years 2 months4 years 5 months
Philadelphia3 years 3 months3 years 3 months
Milwaukee3 years 1 month2 years 5 months
Atlanta3 years 1 month3 years 11 months
Columbus5 years5 years 1 month
Washington2 years 8 months3 years 2 months
Seattle4 years 3 months4 years 2 months
Boston3 years 6 months3 years 2 months
Miami4 years 1 month5 years 7 months
Sacramento4 years 6 months4 years 8 months
Indianapolis5 years3 years 11 months
Portland3 years 5 months2 years 6 months
New Orleans3 years 6 months4 years 3 months
Oakland3 years 8 months4 years 7 months
San Diego2 years1 year 3 months
Minneapolis4 years 1 month3 years 6 months
Kansas City4 years 10 months3 years 11 months
Long Beach3 years 3 months3 years 7 months
Denver4 years3 years 7 months

Quotes from participants

Here are a number of quotes and comments that may help with specific talking points.

I'm shy and I just can't seem to find that one special person. F, 55 Nashville USA

It is not nice to be single for a long time. Everyone needs someone. B, 36 Frankfurt, Germany

I'm taking my time to find someone better because have had bad relationships in the past and I dont want any repeat of that..... A, 29 Melbourne, Australia

I found out at age 50 that I am on the spectrum.  I have Asperger's Syndrome.  My parents knew it for decades and kept it hidden from everyone and me out of shame of me.  They still will not be honest and forthcoming about any of it.  I was severely bullied growing up and it continued to severely affect my social and professional life.  I just want to be loved and someone who understands me.  J, 58 Long Beach USA

When you are single for a long time, you are missing the opportunity to share many of the great things you experience in life. Z, 34, London, UK

I focused on being a full time single parent so I wasn't dating or in a relationship for very long time. Now it's been so long I feel like fish out of water and dating has changed so much. Looking to get back into dating and hopefully find someone to share a life with again. S, 43 Minneapolis USA


The average time people have been single may appear high and there are two main reasons for this. Firstly, the COVID pandemic limited human interaction and will have influenced the results. Secondly, and most significantly, many people over the age of 45 have been single for 10 or more years.

People who consider themselves desperate is consistent across all countries.

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